Hey there!

I am Jannes!

I am a Architect, Web & UX Developer and Team Lead.

I am a big fan of JAM-stack (also known as SPA or web application), APIs (mostly REST and GraphQL), react and redux, WCAG and atomic design/design systems.

I've also studied technology management which includes managerial training in the standard aspects of a company.

My solutions utilize new technology while satisfying all customer needs and yet remain simple, standard compliant, and thus extendable and flexible.

I have an iterative approach to problems where I reduce each problem into smaller ones by applying a creative or standard solution.

As a hobby I develop applications for the IOT, from soldering the circuits via establishing the network connections and programming the distributed systems to providing the functionality as a web application.

I also like to travel and can speak both English and German fluently as well as basic Chinese. In my remaining free time I go swimming and play hockey or soccer.