Jannes Mingram - jannes.mingram.net


I am a Web & UX Developer capable of addressing and constructing all aspects of a website.
My professional focus is on service-driven frontends utilizing the most modern technologies, utalizing modern standarts such as REST, RAML, JSON-LD or JSON-Schema whenever possible.
I've also studied technology management which includes managerial training in the standard apsects of a company.
My solutions utilize new technology while satisfying all customer needs and yet remain simple, standard compliant, and thus extendable and flexible.
I have an iterative approach to problems where I reduce each problem into smaller ones by applying a creative or standard solution.
As a hobby I develop applications for the IOT, from soldering the circuits via establishing the network connections and programming the distributed systems to providing the functionallity as a webapplication.
I also like to travel and can speak both English and German fluently as well as basic Chinese. In my remaining freetime I go swimming and play hockey or soccer.

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